Deodorant Sticks

Seller - mahriyah
Our stick deodorant combat odor without harmful chemicals. They neutralize perspiration odor with organic oils, butters, botanical powders, essential oils and natural clay.
Our stick deo readily absorbs into your skin to help you stay fresh.
Key ingredients include nutrient rich bentonite clay which help absorb sweat naturally.
Zinc Oxide helps fight odor .
Kaolin clay is gentle on the skin and absorbs moisture along with a blend of essential oils. 
To make the transition easy apply our DETOX MASQUE to unclog the pores and pair it up with our Body Powder for best results . 

Coconut oil, shea butter,  beeswax,  bentonite clay,  arrowroot flour,  kaolin clay,  zinc oxide,  Himalayan pink salt,  essential oils.  

Qty: 28g 


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