Lawn Print- Lounging Lizards (Moonshine)


The "now you see it, now you don't" collection of lawn (just in time for the balmy spring and scorching summers ahead!) takes inspiration from the philosophy of the British designer Alexander Lee McQueen, raising awareness about social issues. The very talented Mariam uses print to depict the two-faced nature of the people. Camouflaged through the stunning prints are amphibians, reptiles and insects that we see everyday. Lost in colourful backgrounds and adorned with local flowers, leaves and foliage, these creatures too appear beautiful and glorified!

Camouflaged in this print are our most favourite, and possibly the most misunderstood, reptiles in the world, lizards or as we like to call them, household gators! This print comes in two cool colours, perfect for those hot summer days. Moonshine and Summer Garden.

2.5 meters

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