"Kamni", meaning a beautiful, seductive woman in Urdu, is the name under which Fatima Hamid exhibits and sells her stunning hand-painted clothes. Fatima, an artist and graduate of the National College of Arts in Lahore, started painting on silk 20 years ago. She uses French dyes on pure silk, in different weights, to create what are undoubtedly wearable works of art. Kamni’s gorgeous pieces have won Fatima international acclaim and a global fanbase. The Kamni technique sees silk stretched tightly over specially built frames, which allow the artist to walk around them while painting, giving a more holistic approach to the work. Dyes are meticulously mixed with water, to find exactly the right shade, and painted over the cloth using foam brushes. One coat over another is used, to give Fatima's work the luminosity and depth for which she is famous. The lengths of painted silk are then steam set to permanently bond the dyes to the fabric, and are embellished using silk thread, beads and sequins.