Baraan - Floral Dyed Shirt

Seller - sang x polly

Introducing very special, limited edition ecoprint clothing to the Polly store. The range has used pure organza as base fabric and meticulously handdyed these limited edition outfits with flower petals like Marigold, Pansy, Rose, Morning Glory and Purple Cabbage. No chemicals or artificial colours have been used at all and the entire dye is drawn from natural sources.

The ecoprint process is very time and skill intensive - the fabric is first prepared for the natural dye and then the selected flowers, gently hand pressed, rolled into a bundle and steamed to leach the colour from the petals and leaves. Dyeing time varies according to the different plants and flowers selected.

This form of ecoprinting is based on the Japanese technique of hapa-zome, literally meaning ‘leaf dye’, which involves pressing flowers and leaves into fabric to release their natural colour.

Flower used in dying: Marigold

Material: Pure Silk Organza

Dry clean only

Limited Edition


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