Rehana Fazli’s passion for working with beads began at the age of twelve, when her mother taught her how to ‘weave’ tiny glass beads, using two fine needles, into bracelets for friends. This is an ancient technique used in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and the Americas. Through the years, Rehana’s fascination for beads continued, all the more so when she began to visit the Friday market in her hometown of Islamabad, Pakistan. This amazing market, stretching along two long pavements, was made up of small stalls set up by refugees who had fled war-torn Afghanistan, and were selling a fascinating range of carpets, antique silver, tapestries, brass, hand-blown glass from Herat, porcelain, semi-precious stones, and beads. Today, Rehana is proud to be designing and selling her own beautiful jewellery, using stunning stones and beads, inspired from these early memories of the Islamabad Friday market. The delicate and feminine pieces designed and created by Rehana carry a message of strength and beauty, lasting through the ages.