Stitching by Hawa


"We run a "family" business. During the holy month of Ramzan, I stitch clothes for ladies.  My daughter, Sidra, helps me by pressing the finished suit.  She is also excellent at stitching buttons, and delivers the final product to the customer. My husband goes to the market and has become an expert at choosing the lace, needles, threads. He even repairs my sewing machine.  Even my mother-in-law participates by giving her approval. She appreciates the fact I can work at home and contribute to the family pot. My husband is a taxi driver, and during special occasions like Eid, there is not enough money to cover all our expenses.  That is why I started tailoring. During Ramzan, I stitch at least four suits a day, and charge about 200 Rupees for suit. A few years ago during Ramzan, I had even more customers than that.  I think the neighbours cast the evil eye on me, because they were saying "Hawa is getting a lot of money".  I developed a very sharp pain in my arms and leg. I had to go to hospital, and I spent a lot of money trying to get better, but with no success. Then I went to Pari Khan, and he gave me a tawees to wear around my neck. Thankfully, I was cured and could continue my work.  I try not to advertise the success of my business so much any more." - Hawa, Chitral


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