Ajrak Lamp

by paimona

Bring back the conversation around this iconic pattern into your drawing room with this exquisitely handcrafted lampshade — a perfect choice for any connoisseur of the arts. This well-crafted piece combines the unique Ajrak print on cotton with an alluring Rosewood body and brilliant brass fittings. Considered to be a symbol of respect, the Ajrak design actually signifies Pakistan's diverse heritage. The three sun-disks glued together represent the unity between the Gods of the Sun, Water and Earth. A divine print such as this has been considered crucial during occasions of happiness and of sorrow.

Dimensions: H26" x W5" and H10" x W15"

Due to the size and weight of this product, extra shipping charges will be applied. If you ordered this item, you will receive an estimate via email. Thank you!

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