Chunri Scarf - Summer Blue

Seller - craft fusion

Polly’s quirky chundri collection is hand-knotted and dyed by skilled artisans from Southern Punjab and Interior Sindh. The art of chundri or bandhani employs the intricate technique of hand-plucking or pinching small sections of a larger piece of fabric, usually cotton or silk, and tying them with cotton thread to create stunning patterns. The tied and bound fabrics are then hand-dyed in beautiful vibrant colours. When the threads are removed, they reveal unique patterns on the fabric itself. Polly’s chundri scarves are the perfect versatile staple for any wardrobe and the accessory that takes from you seamlessly from a presentation at work to a night out with friends.

Spot handwash cold. Otherwise dry clean only.


Size: 106 x 253 cm



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