Polly Candles - Motia Noir


Motia Noir is a jasmine-based, heady and mesmerising scent that lingers hours after it has been put to bed. 

The rich, floral scents of the subcontinent as captured by the delightful Polly candles which evocative of an era of decadence and luxury – the scents verdant, rich and unexpectedly sultry. Our candles are hand-poured into beautiful artisanal handmade ceramic piyalas (often used by roadside thelas to sell soup and tea in!) and then adorned with a hand-painted quirky sparrow motif by traditional truck artists. The perfect present and a essential household staple. Produced proudly in partnership with Karachi Candle Company.

Size: width - 4.5"  height  - 3"

35 hour burn time 


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