Medium Bowl with Slant - Jhandi Triangle


The Jhandi Triangle bowl with a slight slant is the perfect center piece for a casual lunch, a fun-filled picnic or just for keeping some fresh buds of Motia. The design and colors come together in a harmonious reminder of the craft that’s been passed down for centuries.

Evocative of the majestic mosques and shrines of times past, these bowls are handcrafted and handpainted using the ancient art of kashkari. Handdrawn in Multani red and white clay, with stark contrasts of blue and turquoise, they’re fired up in traditional ovens to create stunning designs that are durable and practical for any contemporary home.

Originating from the city of Shah Rukn-e-Alam, these ceramic pieces are synonymous with the beauty, harmony, and creativity that lives in the hands of skilled artisans.

Height: 6.3 inches
Diameter: 7.5 inches

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