Vapor Rub

Seller - mahriyah
A wonderful salve to have around for colds and congestion. A combination of natural ingredients coming together to provide a relief for chest and head congestion.  The warm touch and scent of this homemade rub is not only calming, but also contains anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.

Menthol is also a topical analgesic, offering some pain relief for aches and sore muscles. May also unclog sinuses. May relieve headaches when rubbed on temples.

The essential oils in this all natural vapor rub work wonders as a decongestant.

Coconut Oil- deeply moisturize the skin. 

Always do a patch test


Coconut oil,  beeswax,  menthol crystals, shea butter , essential oils . 

Qty: 50g 


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