the best stories...are still untold!

the best stories...are still untold!

Some people believe that all the great stories have already been told. 

Just like all the great inventions have been already been invented, all the great innovations have been already made, all the great ideas have already been thought and all the great products have been already created.

There are no new concepts, no truly new ideas and no new technologies or techniques left to explore.

So we should all kick back and have a chai! 

Here at polly & other stories, we don't believe a single word of this (except by all means, have a chai!)

What has been written or told may be the different genres or types of stories. Not the stories themselves. The many prototypes, not the specific twist every individual brings to a tale or product.

There is always something new out there. A new message, a new idea, a new attempt to make, a new story - a story worth telling!

Human imagination and creativity know no bounds and even as we create anew, there is also always the possibility of exciting new retellings, new renditions and new interpretations. A handworked rilli is not a new product - which household in Pakistan doesn't have one or three? (Oh come on! No way! Remedy that now - there are some lovely selections instore which will set you up for years!). But no two artisans will ever approach even a traditional piece the same way. There are variations in individual skill, in craft and technique and in execution. And then there are those who change everything about the product and unlock perceptions outside of those normally considered in their culture. It is all of these makers and designers we celebrate at polly & other stories.

We value the brands and people we work with, their vision, their skill and their hard work. And we are so inspired by them!

One of our core values is sharing the story behind the brands that feature on our store. The authentic story of how they design and conceive, the story of the artisans themselves, and the story of their process. Over the coming weeks, we will randomly select a brand story to share with you or we might introduce you an individual artisan or designer in our Meet the Movers and Makers series.

Get up close and personal to the artisans, designers, creators and innovators who make the beautiful products you love and are the drivers of the amazing stories we tell!

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