about us

Pakistan's FIRST online store for hand-made, unique products sourced from the region, giving big voices to little ventures.

polly & other stories are about the vibrant, chaotic and interconnected world we live in - stories of partnership, collaboration, friendship, innovation, fashion and creation. 

polly & other stories brings human ideals back into retail by integrating original, innovative designs and products with flawless quality with the inspiring stories and creative talent of the people that make them. We work with a diverse community of innovative artisans, designers, artists and entrepreneurs across Pakistan and the region that have a unified vision of growth and dynamic product development. polly & other stories involves people with a creative vision and a passion to make – from rural women painstakingly crafting beautiful pieces using age-old, hand-worked techniques to a young entrepreneurial artisans crafting handmade soaps and talented men making hand-printed fabric using organic dyes and hand-carved wooden blocks. 

Through our thoughtfully curated, online marketplace, we support creative businesses and talented artisans across South Asia to sell unique products based on local culture, aesthetic and crafts. We assist local entrepreneurs to develop and sell products to a global audience while enabling businesses and artisans to grow, learn, and make a living. By creating a market pathway for our partners, we enable them to reach more consumers, thereby growing their business and by handling all the marketing and logistics, we free them to focus on what matters for their individual brand.