Blackhead Buster

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Try this natural blackhead busting mask for the cleanest, smoothest skin ever! What makes this black-as-night mask so special? It contains Activated Charcoal that makes its way into the pores to fight excess oil and trap skin impurities. It also contains Betonite Clay that works like a magnet to draw out toxins and grime, including stubborn blackheads and whiteheads. Go on and give it a try for a deep purifying cleanse. You won’t regret it!


Step 1: Steam your face for ultimate results.
Step 2: Put 1 tablespoon of Blackhead Buster powder into a bowl.
Step 3: Add boiling sterile water into the bowl and mix the ingredients till you have a thin paste.
Step 5: Evenly apply the paste to your nose and chin area and let it sit for 15-20 minutes.
Step 6: Once the mask has dried, carefully peel it off. Don’t worry if the mask tears a little bit - it IS natural after all!
Step 7: Enjoy your new look!

Activated Charcoal, Betonite Clay, Lavender Essential Oil, Halal Gelatine.

*Recommended only for the chin and nose area. We suggest you do NOT apply this peel off mask to the entire face as it will pull on facial hair and cause pain. If you wish to try it, please do so at your own risk.



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