Muna Siddiqui spent her formative years in Canada where she completed her undergraduate studies from McGill University in 1993 and then proceeded to London where she took a course in life drawing and watercolours in 1994. She later joined Parsons, New York, where she studied life drawing and painting. Settling in Karachi after her marriage, her keen interest in the arts led her to become an art critic, writing regularly for the media. She also started painting and exhibiting her work in Pakistan, Canada, Singapore and Dubai.

Muna's 'Eternal Bloom' series is a feminine perspective of the woman’s realm in Pakistan and an odyssey of colour and the painted narrative. The paintings tell stories as seen through the eyes of a woman who lives in the subcontinent. Each piece is carefully constructed so that it is distinctly feminine and nostalgic. The construct of flora in this work is a language used to translate design and movement so that each leaf is interwoven to create movement and its detail to draw the viewer into the painting. Muna likes to section her paintings, reminiscent of detailed ornate Mughal gilded frames that told their own stories. In her world, the sub-levels in her paintings visualise the subtext, so within the world created, you look closer and there is more going on than you first realised - if you are willing to lose yourself and imagine.