Truck Art in Pakistan resounds with folk themes, colours, motifs and most importantly, with daring and audacity. It offers a kind of license to talented craftsmen, sprung forth from the spirit of the land, to restore some semblance of balance and harmony from the crushing realities of the mundane. It provides a platform to just be - beyond the rationalisations of creed, caste and the refinements of pseudo culture. The current practice of Pakistani truck art has its origin in the decorations of horse-driven carriages for the Moghul Kings. In its modern form, the art was initiated by truck drivers in the 1940s to woo as many passengers as possible as the most beautiful trucks attracted the highest number of passengers. For Rangdey, truck art is a way of bonding with the spirit of Pakistan and its people. Rangday hopes to be a channel for this burst of energy to become a main stay of expression in all artifacts of everyday use. Rab Rakha!