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Originating from the city of Shah Rukn-e-Alam, these ceramic pieces are individually handcrafted and meticulously painted using the centuries-old kashkari techniques in shades of blue and turquoise. The patterns are hand-drawn on Multani red and white clay, painted by talented artists, and then fired in traditional ovens to create stunning yet practical and durable ceramics for the modern home and kitchen. They evoke memories of ancient mosques and shrines and hark back to an age when craft and its makers were synonymous with beauty, harmony and creativity. And when traditional pottery meets contemporary design under the Polly label, that’s when the real magic happens! Handmade craft is valued and promoted and skilled artisans can access sustainable livelihoods to grow their businesses.


Polly’s super trendy and ultra-wearable jewellery is handmade by skilled artisans from the North of the country and from the province of Punjab who have been creating beautiful masterpieces in brass and copper for decades. Our versatile range combines traditional artisan skills with lovely poetic shapes and modern designs to create a collection of bold, expressive jewellery that allows us to partner with local craftspeople so that their intricate skills do not die out and continue to be relevant and included in the modern Pakistani economy.


Polly’s quirky
chundri collection is hand-knotted and dyed by skilled artisans from Southern Punjab and Interior Sindh. The art of chundri or bandhani employs the intricate technique of hand-plucking or pinching small sections of a larger piece of fabric, usually cotton or silk, and tying them with cotton thread to create stunning patterns. The tied and bound fabrics are then hand-dyed in beautiful vibrant colours. When the threads are removed, they reveal unique patterns on the fabric itself. Polly’s chundri scarves are the perfect versatile staple for any wardrobe and the accessory that takes from you seamlessly from a presentation at work to a night out with friends.


Polly’s quilts are blocked using natural or organic colours and age-old techniques. Our patchwork range includes hand-quilted pieces that form beautiful patterns in the natural shades of blues, reds, orches and browns. These are then hand-stitched together to create stunning reversible quilts employing the ancient kaantha technique. The tradition of kaantha began with the thrift of traditional craftswomen, who would have taken discarded cloth and sewn it together with a simple running stitch to create something new. Polly takes this tradition and using the finest local fabrics and working with blockprinters and other artisans, we create what is not just a functional quilt but quite often, a work of art, a creative, quiet expression, that just happens to have the ability to keep us warm and cosy ona cold night.


The rich, floral scents of the subcontinent as captured by the delightful Polly candles which evocative of an era of decadence and luxury – the scents verdant, rich and unexpectedly sultry. Our candles are hand-poured into beautiful artisanal handmade ceramic piyalas (often used by roadside thelas to sell soup and tea in!) and then adorned with a hand-painted quirky sparrow motif by traditional truck artists. The perfect present and a essential household staple.