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polly & other stories is a different shopping destination! Everything on our website is sold and shipped directly by the creative small business that made, sourced or selected it!

We are a curated online marketplace for talented artisans, designers, artists and entrepreneurs, particularly women and young people or those working with local craftspeople, to showcase products and sell them to a discerning national, regional and international audience.

Our social shopping platform allows customers from all over the world to easily purchase from numerous artisans through a single checkout. We

  • Add value to your brand by selling under one united storefront
  • Grow your company through selling online
  • Offer a convenient way for customers to purchase from home and for small producers to sell from home
  • Expose your products to a global audience
  • Handle shipping, marketing, e-commerce all the administrative elements of selling online
  • Promote and market our partners through various organic and paid digital marketing channels, increasing their reach and sales

We help artisans, designers and small businesses by supporting them in creating unique, quality driven products, original designs and telling their inspiring stories. We work directly with independent artisans and small businesses as well as not-for-profit organizations and cooperatives that empower local artisans. We mentor them in product development, brand management and help them to conceptualise and create gorgeous new products. Our partners are our stakeholders and we consider them in every decision we make. 

polly & other stories connects thoughtful, discriminating consumers with passionate designers and makers.

We look for:

  • Handcrafted, well designed, innovative, original products
  • Impeccable quality, unique range which reflect traditional skills and materials, benefit the local community and/or have minimal impact on the environment
  • Small scale production and handmade goods that support local economies 
  • Something different from run-of-the-mill, overpriced products that underwhelm - creative, talented designer-maker-artists who love making
  • Great photography that adheres to our style guide
  • Businesses that are building social, economic, environmental and/or cultural impacts into how they make money
  • Businesses that are run by or work with women, young people and/or traditional craftspeople and artisans
  • New businesses or start-ups

Our online retail shop sells everything from jewelry, clothing, home wares, skin care to art and one off pieces. We are always open to new ideas and are constantly looking to diversify our product range. To apply to sell, please email us at

We have very stringent selection and quality assessment criteria  - if you have applied and have not heard back from us, please be patient. We will definitely get back to you if your product is original and of good quality. We receive a large number of applications from across South Asia and we take time to get to know each partner, their producers and processes before we bring anybody on board. This may mean a small lag at the time of application. If your product does not meet our criteria, please feel to apply again at a later time.