thoughtful partnerships


polly & other stories leverages the power of the marketplace to share, celebrate and extend art, entrepreneurship, fashion, culture and people in an authentic and engaging way. We believe that business – social, creative or otherwise – is about dignity and power. It is about individuals and groups of people having the opportunity to be in charge of their futures, build their confidence, support themselves, express and be themselves, and form significant relationships with wider society.

To this end, polly & other stories partners with and promotes creative businesses and individuals that embody what is at the core of our brand - original designs, expert quality, innovative ideas and inspirational stories behind unique products. We work collaboratively with our partners to evolve and build their businesses such that they are able respond to consumer demand for exclusive, personal and meaningful wares. Whether it is textiles, fashion, traditional crafts, fine arts or any other facet of creative expression, our alternative shopping experience allows people to discover artists and entrepreneurs they love online.

We work with a diverse and eclectic range of partners with a special focus on small businesses or start-ups, artisan groups, women or youth-led businesses, emerging artists and talented designers. We bring you hand-picked products that have great stories behind them and that look good, work well and make people feel fantastic. We're proud to work with a select number of brands, artisans and designers who create beautiful things that you can be proud to own.

To learn more about the wonderful people we work with, please visit our brands page or email us at 

*Please note, ‘partner’ is how we refer to the creative businesses, designers and artists that are part of