Beeswax Food Wrap- Pack of 3 - Sandwich size


If you want to be as environmentally friendly as you are chic (and you do, right?), consider packing your food in these pretty beeswax-treated cottons that you can just rinse and reuse, over and over. Wrap sandwiches, cheese, vegetables, and other food items or use to cover a bowl! The Bee's Knees is the new sustainable, natural alternative to plastic wrap for food storage.

Use the warmth of your hands to soften the wrap. Wraps are reusable. Just wash in cool water with a mild dish soap and let air dry.

Crafted by hand. Patterns may vary and may not always be currently as represented in the images photos.

Assorted set of 3 includes wraps just the right size to wrap a sandwich. Perfect for school and office lunches.

Please note that all fabric and patterns are different.

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