Krishna Mansion Frame


Documenting and celebrating the heritage architecture in Old town Karachi

Reimagining Krishna mansion in 1970s.

Tee Jays: The brand known for starting a fashion revolution in Pakistan leading to the creation of the "National dress".

Pakistan was still shedding off its cononial past and western wear was the popular choice of clothing until Tanveer Jamshed introduced Kameez Shalwar in the 70s. Up till this point, kameez shalwar was still considered a poor man's attire but things quickly changed when politicians and celebrities adopted the dress and it started to become widely accepted. Tee Jays was also the first brand to introduce ready to wear separates, unisex, minimal fashion widely available to everyone leading to its popularity throughout the 80s.
Many eastern wear brands have taken over the market since but Tee Jays is still around not as popular but still known for its legacy in Karachi.



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