A collection of cushions available at polly & other stories

Prepping for the best pandemic-free hang-out spot

Even with the abundant social media that is accessible today, texts and calls just don’t cut it. We all miss our friends and are craving for that physical social interaction. We want the spontaneity that we that we took for granted a few months ago, without the paranoia, masks and hand sanitizers. Like a person on a diet, we need our cheat day consisting of hugs and good conversation!

Despite the fact that Pakistan has seen a downturn in case numbers, it is clear that the "old" normal is not happening anytime soon. So why not make virtual interactions more fun while we start preparing for the near-distant future where hopefully we can be with loved ones again?

There are two components to the perfect hangout. Great friends and a great location. I believe you have the first part gotten down, so let me help you with the second.

I am sharing my recipe for the perfect hangout spot with you guys. So whether you can chilling with friends on zoom or have a careful 6 feet apart, masks on hangout planned, there are a few things that will help make it cosy and comfortable!

The first ingredient: cushions. Unless you’re throwing a rocking party, everyone needs a place to sit, am I right? We have a wide variety of cushions you can choose from. If you’re going for a traditional vibe, check out the Pakistani Monuments Mini Cushions. If you are trying to escape reality, check out the Il Bel far Niente Cushion. Be careful though, saying the phrase out loud might just transport you to Italy!

A collection of cushions available at polly & other stories

No matter how beautiful the cushion, I would call us lucky if adding it alone would be enough to spice up a room. Good lighting is key to a great ambiance, so indulge yourself with the beautiful Ajrak Lamp, also available at polly & other stories. If that’s not the aesthetic you’re going for, keep scrolling and you’ll definitely find the right one.

An image of the Ajrak Lamp available at polly & other stories

Like any half-respecting Pakistani, I am one sip away from having chai run through my veins. All of us are aware of the very significant role this hot drink plays in our lives and even if hell breaks loose, none of us are ready to give it up. A big theme of Pakistani culture is sipping on that cup of chai while laughing with your best friends. Cater to this dire need and check out the mugs and coasters available at Polly! Do you want my suggestion?

Pair the Road Tripping Table with the Nostalgia Tea Mug.  I guarantee that is all you need for conversations to start brewing.

An image of the Nostalgia Tea Mug available at polly & other storiesAn image of the Road Tripping Table available at polly & other storiesBut we won’t stop there. Treat yourself to some wall décour. Empty walls are no fun at all! Add one of our mirror frames to your shopping cart. Embellished with truck art, the pop of color will surely add some vibrancy to your room.

An image of a mirror frame available at polly & other stories

All this anticipation and preparing for the next time I meet my friends is making me miss them even more. But with the ongoing pandemic, it is extremely important to wear a mask. Practicing social distancing IS the new normal and if you are meeting others, it should be at a six feet distance, and preferably outdoors. During this time, it is crucial to follow SOPs because they not only protect us, but they protect others around us as well.

Hmmm...after all this talk, I think I am going to give my friends a call. 

What do you guys do when you start to miss your friends?

Until next time,


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