An image of a basket-woven themed apple pie

My Favorite Autumn-Inspired Recipes

I have been a baking enthusiast since the time I could first hold a measuring spoon. While most kids were busy playing games, I was getting my hands dirty in the kitchen, mostly with flour and butter. I recall being in Rome with my family one summer, spending a good amount of time in a baking store choosing silicon cake pans, which I still use today (maybe not the cartoon molds though). 

While the pandemic has taken a lot from us and still shows no sign of dissipating, this time-at-home has allowed me to discover new recipes. This blog is dedicated to just that and I am sharing some of the best ones with you! So, if you’re a baking fanatic, keep reading.

Title image for Apple Pie with trimmings of red and orange leaves

At the top of my list for you guys is one of my all-time favorites – apple pie. I wonder if you guys have heard of The Hummingbird Bakery. If not, that’s ok. This bakery has mastered the art of “American baking in London” and being in awe of their delectable cupcakes, I purchased their cookbook. This cookbook has been my holy grail and their recipe for the apple pie is my favorite. Unfortunately, I lost my book and the recipe is not available online. But good news! I am sharing a recipe that is the closest to the original, and is based off of the one in the Hummingbird cookbook.

I urge you guys to check out this recipe. It converted a girl who was not so fond of apple pie into a girl who now gets strong cravings for it. Check out the picture of the pie I made this week, and I assure it, making it was simpler than it looks! Give it a shot!

A picture of a basket woven apple pie

Title picture for banana bread with grape and leaf trimmings on two corners

Banana bread is something I have only recently started enjoying. Apart from being absolutely delicious, it’s a great use for those overly ripe bananas that we tend to have in our houses this hot, humid summer. This loaf satisfies your sweet tooth, without giving you a sugar rush. You can even adjust the recipe to your liking. Don’t like nuts? Substitute them or just don’t use them at all!  Check out my go-to recipe by kitchn. I have tried a bunch of different ones, but this one takes the cake.

Title picture for cinnamon rolls with a fall themed wreath

Last but not least…cinnamon rolls! These dough rolls with a cinnamon filling are nothing but pure satisfaction. They are a great way to spend time in the kitchen and I guarantee they will also be a hit on the dinner table.

Credits to JoyFoodSunshine for this recipe. Sadly, I do not have a final picture of the ones I made, but I am sharing one of them before they went into the oven. Aren’t you tempted to try them out?

picture of uncooked cinnamon rolls in a baking tray

Most of these recipes incorporate the flavors of the Fall season. Why not brush up on your baking skills by trying out these recipes? After all, it is already August and Fall is just around the corner.

Until next time!



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