Reflections from the team

Reflections from the team

It feels like it has been years since we were inside our beautiful store or breathing in the scent of grass, goats and wet mud in the field.

Time goes too fast and then too slow. Everything seems urgent and yet, in inertia.

I miss the scent of candles in the store, the music, our chats with customers and friends. I miss laughter, energy and coming together to make.

I remind myself this is temporary. And we will make more things one day like my favourite cups and bowls (because they are so pretty and practical and because we made them in partnership with traditional kashi artisans in Multan whose talent amazes me). And that we will continue to ensure we develop something new as this enables artisans to have a steady income, which is our ultimate goal.

Alongside direct work with maker communities, we also focus on promoting creative small businesses run by talented makers that develop beautiful products and most importantly, generate employment and security for thousands.

We work directly with economically vulnerable populations, especially homebound women in rural areas.

And we are currently unable to do so many of these things. Important things. Things that foster joy and beauty.

And we are worried about so many people in all our value and supply chains.

It's been a challenge, of course but the Corona pandemic has only reaffirmed our resolve. The next few months will be hard - for us as a small business and for our partners and vendors. Doubling down on our work has become even more critical as we support our inspirational partners through the crisis and lend a hand to the most vulnerable in our project communities.

This may well be our generation’s World War. Hopefully, a short one, where social distancing, containment and the summer heat buy us enough time for a vaccine, and stem the loss of life.

But whenever this is over, and we have to accept that noone really knows when that will be, we will be remembered by the instincts we embraced as individuals and as businesses.

Self-preservation? Compassion? Did you help make things better for those who rely on you or not? I know the answer we intend to be able to give.

Much love,
Team Polly.

PS Image from 2019 - happier times when we were up north working with artisans in Hunza

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