Hand painted blue tile style table

Hello from the Polly Summer Intern!

Hi guys! My name is Sara and I’m the Polly summer intern. I study at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. And like almost every other student during this pandemic, my school transitioned to being online which ultimately brought me back home to Karachi…and to you guys! I am going to be taking over this blog so keep your eyes open for a bunch of new posts.

Being home after a few months creates a mix of emotions. I am excited to be home with my family, but I miss my friends and the independence I had abroad. It almost feels like I have two homes now and currently, half of me is halfway across the world!

Fast forward a few months later, I am more at peace than I have been in a while. Being at home and living in the new six-feet-apart normal has made me more self-sufficient than ever. I find myself doing the things I love more than I ever have. Being in the kitchen is one of the things I love doing most and my time at home has allowed me to try many new recipes. I have to say it…I finally made pasta from scratch! What are you guys doing with all this free time?

I'd love to hear from you!

More months go by and the situation still hasn’t changed. Lockdown goes on and off and self-isolation is still in effect and I wanted to try something new. When I am abroad and living alone, there are times when I think of random things to do. Being in that habit when I came back home, I asked my mom if I could paint an old wooden table of hers. After hearing an “okay,” I rushed to the nearest hardware store, bought my supplies, and began my new project. I have attached a picture of it below. It’s my first hand-painted object, so be kind! I love handmade and you can see the passion, if not necessarily the expertise in my first piece!

See you all on the next post!


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