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Skincare woes sorted!

We’ve been dealing with this pandemic for over 3 months now. With everyone working from home, and our regular routines thrown out the window with no chance of them knocking to be let back in any time soon, I believe it is safe to say that all of us are tired. And to top that off, this extreme heat! Should I let you in on a tiny secret that helps me cope? Shhh…it’s called me time.

Yes, we love our family and friends dearly, but for a portion of the day we all need some time to ourselves to de-stress and recuperate. And what better way to do it than with skincare?

Polly & Other Stories has an amazing collection of natural products made right here in Pakistan! With so much time on your hands (especially right now), it’s the perfect thing to start! Is lavender your favorite scent? Or are you not a fan of florals? Regardless, we’ve got it all. Sit back and relax and let Polly & Other Stories pamper YOU.

First and foremost, I would like to add that we’ve all been there. We’ve all suffered from those pesky pimples and blackheads, especially in this humidity. We’re all swimming in the vast sea of skin products while attempting to catch just the right ones for our own skin. As a 21-year-old, I have had my fair share of experimentation. Personally, I love using scents that target stress and fatigue. Being on the go since you wake up bogs me down, and I must rewind. So, I’ve narrowed down a list of products for you guys. Follow me on my journey with some of my top picks from the store!

The first thing I would add to my list of must-haves is the Lift Me Up FaceMask and Scrub (pictured to the right)

The pollution we suffer from on a daily basis takes its toll on our skin. This mask improves skin elasticity, hydrates and firms the skin all while the natural ingredients help fight pigmentation and lighten dark spots. Another one I love, partly because it is in such a cute bottle, is the Geranium Essential oil, also a perfect second step to the mask. It promotes skin health and alleviates acne and skin inflammation (sounds like a dream, right?). The oil is also used to reduce feelings of stress and tension, and that is just what I am looking for.

Next on my list for you is the Mood Booster Bath and Body Oil and yes, the name says it all. Packed with vitamins and minerals, this body oil will uplift your mood, moisturize your skin and promote a healthy glowing complexion.

I agree, it’s like magic in a bottle and has made my day more than once!

While you’re massaging those cheeks, don’t miss out on nourishing those lips! No matter what season, I always need a lip balm at hand. My lips need a great deal of moisture which is why I love the Au Chocolat Lip Balm. This product is packed with oils and natural ingredients and is bound to leave your lips feeling soft and supple. An added benefit: it’s chocolate! And who doesn’t want to taste chocolate every time they lick their lips?

One of your biggest features is your hair and those locks need some love. One thing I changed during this lockdown situation is that I started taking better care of my hair. And believe me, it’s worth it. Our hair is exposed to so many harmful toxins and it does more damage than you would think, which is why I am so in love with the Hair Rescue Hair Oil. The product is packed with ten nourishing herbs and is designed to repair hair damage by regenerating hair follicles, nourishing with essential nutrients and improving blood circulation and cell growth. And that’s not all! The oil also prevents hair fall and accelerates hair growth, leaving your hair feeling shiny and beautiful.

Follow these tips and I guarantee you will be left feeling like a new person. I have to say, it's a nice job perk to get to try so many new products!

Stay tuned for my next post!





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