Eating Culture Framed Textile Artwork - Limited Edition

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Recipe for Afghani pulao

  1. Cut mutton into large, meaty chunks. Cook till tender to the touch. Tip: it should fall apart with minimal resistance.
  2. Make your stock. Add salt and gently spice it.
  3. Raisins should be cooked till they swell up, nice and fat, and the carrots should not have any crunchy rawness.
  4. Always use sella rice, not basmati.
  5.  Serve with a salad: chopped mint, chives, cucumber and tomatoes in yogurt.

This is Raqeeba’s recipe. She says the secret ingredient is love. Add much more than you think you can spare!

Height 24"

Width 2"

Length 38" 

This artwork is based on one of a series of stories addressing agency, identity and representation from the perspective of Afghan refugee women and girls. It was developed as part of a pilot economic empowerment project delivered in partnership with the UNHCR in Karachi, Pakistan. The artworks unmask the lived experiences of a generation continuing to deal with the legacy of conflict and deprivation, where the capacity of traditional handworks to connect people with place, time, history and a sense of being is confirmed.



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