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A natural deodorant, formulated for kids, pre-teens & teens. Its unique texture glides on smoothly, wont stain clothes and performs well in our local humid weather. It unique formula starts off as a cream and goes on powdery once rubbed in. This deodorant is suitable for sensitive skin and is truly free from nasties like, aluminum, triclosan, silicones, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, mineral oil, GMOs and dyes. Made from safe and effective ingredients, it helps to naturally neutralize odors and absorbs wetness, even on those P.E. and gym class days!It eliminates stubborn door-causing bacteria while absorbing excess moisture from skin. Its creamy consistency goes on dry and non sticky and requires just one application during the day. The Deo Balm does not contain any aluminium salts, that block or plug sweat glands. With a mix of barrier-supportive ingredients that soothe and Shea Butter that replenish and nourish irritable skin, this makes it perfect for kid's skin. It is formulated without Charcoal and Clays which can potentially damage the skin's natural protective barrier if used daily. Allergy advice: The Deo Balm does not contain any nut oils or any nut byproducts.The Deo Balm is Dairy-free and is Gluten-free. The Deo Balm is manufactured in a factory that does not process nuts but some products manufactured in the factory contain almond oil. This product is *CRUELTY-FREE *GLUTEN-FREE *NUT-FREE *DAIRY-FREE FORMULATED WITHOUT: *Silicones *Talc *Charcoal *Clay *Aluminum *Parabens *Sulfates *Formaldehydes *Drying Alcohols *Mineral Oil *Triclosan *Oxybenzone *Phthlates *Dimethicone INGREDIENTS: Organic Cocos Nucifera Oil, Non-GMO Butyrospermum Parkii, Arrowroot Powder, 0.4% Food Grade Sodium Bicarbonate & Proprietary Blend essential oils.



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